A two-sided story — Part 2

Adam Chang — Snowshoeing on a snowy day at Gold Creek Pond.

J’ai trois amours dans ma vie.

Defect #1: Assuming that people care. Well, they don’t. And that’s good news.

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal in Normal People (2020) — Source: imdb.com

A family lunch that turned into chaos

Photo by Augustine Fou on unsplash.com

A short story

By Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on unsplash.com

Une fiction inspirée de personnages et de faits réels et autres fictifs

Entre 10 000 et 5000 av. J.-C. — Afrique Du Nord

Plusieurs milliers d’années avant notre époque, un peuple, fuyant la guerre et une terre infertile, échoua sur les plages vierges de l’Afrique du Nord par centaines après avoir miraculeusement survécu à un périple de plus de deux mois en mer.

A prophecy emanating from the future

Photo by Aaron Andrew Ang on Unsplash

An infallible technique to commit to writing

By Patrick Tomasso on unsplash.com

The Three Drafts Rule

I decided to take up the challenge: Commit myself to write on a regular basis.

A splash into the thoughts and emotions during a transition night to adulthood (Tunis, Tunisia — August, 13th 2018)

Downtown Tunis by @abdelkaderft on unsplash.com

When was the last time you lost track of time during a conversation?

Photo by Iwona Pytlowska on unsplash.com

Omar Gahbiche

Eyes on the screen during the day, eyes on the stars at night. Fascinated by that moment when words magically get in line when I type on my keyboard.

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