A two-sided story — Part 2

“Do you have a last wish?”

I was not sure if that was the right thing to say. I said it because anything would do to break that terrible silent atmosphere. I had only seen similar situations in the movies and series that I used to watch before the times…

J’ai trois amours dans ma vie.

Le passé est mon premier et grand amour. C’est une fille avec qui je partage plein de souvenirs. J’étais rapidement tombé sous son charme.

J’aime le fait qu’elle sait intuitivement quand j’ai besoin de la voir et qu’elle fasse tout pour être à mes côtés à chaque fois. J’aime sortir…

Defect #1: Assuming that people care. Well, they don’t. And that’s good news.

We have some good news and some bad news for you: Bad news is, nobody cares about you. The good news is, acknowledging it is going to change your life for the better, forever.

The truth is, we are basing all of our interactions on assumptions. We are such self-absorbed…

A family lunch that turned into chaos

“Would you like some salad my darling?”

Said his step-mother as she held the bowl of salad towards him. Her unreasonably large and feigned smile and her acute unpleasant voice were too much for him to handle during a whole other lunch with her.

“No, thank you Susie.”

“I would…

A short story

After accomplishing two and a half years of traveling, he dropped the anchor when he reached the coast of Porto, where he had started his journey.

He appeared to be holding a thin and rather robust rope ball in his hands that he was unfolding as he left his catamaran…

Une fiction inspirée de personnages et de faits réels et autres fictifs

Entre 10 000 et 5000 av. J.-C. — Afrique Du Nord

Plusieurs milliers d’années avant notre époque, un peuple, fuyant la guerre et une terre infertile, échoua sur les plages vierges de l’Afrique du Nord par centaines après avoir miraculeusement survécu à un périple de plus de deux mois en mer.

Yunus, doyen de la tribu depuis 80 ans, proclamé guide…

A prophecy emanating from the future

“Take a seat, younger self.”

I was 16 years old when I had met him. He was 80 years old. I was him, only younger. He was me, only older. He seemed to know that I was coming. …

An infallible technique to commit to writing

Until a few months ago, I was what I would call an ‘occasional writer’. It used to take me four or five days to be able to put together a solid story ready, and a few days more to summon up my courage to publish it.

I was fascinated, and…

A splash into the thoughts and emotions during a transition night to adulthood (Tunis, Tunisia — August, 13th 2018)

A couple of hours past midnight. Exiting the residential district of L’Aouina. Towards the National Route 9.

Earlier that night, I met with some of my friends at their place after my internship, for our traditional after-work. …

When was the last time you lost track of time during a conversation?

I was in my hometown for the weekend. She lives there. She was just back home after a couple of months abroad. We took the opportunity to finally meet and catch up.

“Yes! I saw that video, and I loved it! I actually thought about texting you when I did…

Omar Gahbiche

Eyes on the screen during the day, eyes on the stars at night. Fascinated by that moment when words magically get in line when I type on my keyboard.

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